Minutes of May 15, 2010 Organizational Meeting

An image from the May 15, 2010 inaugural meeting of the League of Bike Voters Los Angeles.
An image from the May 15, 2010 inaugural meeting of the League of Bike Voters Los Angeles.

Minutes from the First Meeting of the League of Bicycling Voters Los Angeles

Taken by Carter Rubin

Meeting commenced on Saturday, May 15, 2010 at 11:30AM


-Group introductions; Ted Rogers acted as meeting facilitator

-Independent Congressional candidate Benjamin DeGroot addresses the group

-Vote to accept simple majority for adoption of a motion – passed

-Adopt Roberts Rules of Order – passed

-Motion to Adopt preliminary agenda – passed

-Motion to adopt the name League of Bicycling Voters Los Angeles, abbreviated as LBVLA – passed

-Motion to proceed to incorporate as a 501c4 – passed

-Motion to have Ted Rogers contact an attorney who volunteered to assist with incorporation process – passed

-Discussion of membership requirements, and the possibility of collecting dues

  • Ted emphatic on one person one vote
  • Patrick: consult other groups for best practices
  • 501c4 status helps distinguish us from other advocacy groups in LA

-Motion to defer issue of dues to relevant committee – passed; discussed need to keep base dues low to encourage membership

-Discussed drafting of the Acting Mission Statement; motion to adopt the following as written – passed

Mission Statement:

The League of Bicycling Voters LA promotes active transportation issues in the political arena by supporting candidates, lobbying legislators, and educating voters in order to create a safe and welcoming environment for bicyclists in LA.

-Motions made and adopted to select a steering committee and committee chair persons to serve in place of a board of directors and elected officers until formal elections can be held at the next meeting. The following were elected to serve through the next meeting:

Steering Committee:

  • Carter Rubin
  • Marco Leal
  • Anya van Leeuwen
  • George Wolfberg
  • Eric Bruins
  • Patrick Pascal
  • Michael Cahn
  • Ted Rogers
  • Dan Mick
  • Josef Bray-Ali
  • James Haygood
  • Roadblock

Committee chairs were selected from the members of the Steering Committee:

  • Bylaws – George Wolfberg
  • Communications – Anya van Leeuwen
  • Political Outreach ­­– Carter Rubin
  • Technology – Dan Mick
  • Policy – Eric Bruins
  • Fund Raising – Josef Bray-Ali
  • Nominations and Elections – Ted Rogers
  • Membership – Patrick Pascal

In addition, Patrick volunteered to look into dues paid at similar non-profits organizations, and Josef will work with Dan to develop a secure online meeting and voting system to minimize the need for onsite meetings.

Motion to co-sponsor a campaign to increase penalties for hit-and-run – passed

-Decided to elect officers at the next board meeting, to be held at a date to be determined in the second half of June

-Outreach and Policy Committees to review upcoming ballot measures

Meeting adjourned at 1:30PM